In Brief

I run.
I knit.
I read.
I write.
I browse.
I'm an ENFP.
I drink coffee.
I listen to NPR.
I used to be fat.
I love ethnic food.
I live in Kansas City.
I'm sort of a Pollyanna.
I am married to an INTJ.
His name is Mr. Awesome.
I want to take more pictures.
I can't live without my iPhone.
I can't believe you found this site.
I got spurs that jingle, jangle, jingle.
I have a strong affection for musicals.
I am entertained by the simplest things.
I'm teaching myself to be a gourmet cook.
I had a cat that weighed almost 25 pounds.
I love reading really good poetry of all sorts.
In 2011, I donated bone marrow to a stranger.
I can't see Ben Folds perform live enough times.
I do not  know what I want to be when I grow up.
I'm both incredibly boring and incredibly interesting.
I welcome you and hope you find your stay enjoyable.

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