Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Time flies and all that jazz.

Time for one of those fun roundups I do every once in a while, because I haven't been all that great about posting. Strap on your booties, kiddies - here we go!

Back towards the end of January, we participated in our second Groundhog Run 5K. Neither of us set personal records, but we both finished with better times this year than we did last year. So hurray, us!

After the race, we went to the Kauffman Center and watched the musical Chicago. I loved it. Mr. Awesome didn't get violently ill, so I'll say he liked it all right.

February found us at the annual Anderson Superbowl party. Some snow prevented a bigger turnout, but hey - more food for us! Later in the month I dragged Mr. Awesome to yet another musical. This time, it was The Book of Mormon and boy, is that a filthy, hilarious, truly excellent piece of musical theater.

In March, Mr. Awesome ran in the Great Plains 10K and finished with a personal best time. March also found us outside a lot more, since Daylight Saving Time kicked in again. After work running - YAY!

And now, April, with all things baseball. After the spectacular post-season run by the Royals, we caught the baseball bug big time. This year, we bought a half-season ticket plan and are getting one-off tickets here and there for other games as we want to go. So far this month, we've been to four games. So much fun.

In and among all of this we did lots of running and walking and eating and laughing et cetera et cetera.

Bring on summer!

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