Friday, January 2, 2015

Going strong.

Day two of 2015 has been a good one. Did I ever mention how much Mr. Awesome and I love to sleep in? It's just about our favorite thing to do. So today started like all vacation days start - with a nice sleep-in. We lazily woke up, and I read a little bit. I'm currently reading The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt and can't get enough of it. Then some breakfast and more reading. Great morning.

Days off during the week allow us to go to lunch at places we don't normally get to go. Today it was sushi at Kato Japanese. After lunch, we headed to Zona Rosa to check out Dick's Sporting Goods and The Gap for sales. Nothing fought our attention today, but we wanted something sweet so it was off to Barnes and Noble for something called an Oreo Stack. It was, predictably, delicious.

Next, I had to go to the skin doctor to get a rough spot on my shoulder looked at. It's a slightly lighter circle, about the size of a dime, and has been there for about a month. The doc took a look and said that it was nothing to worry about. Said it was something like a blahblahkeritinblahblah and it was no big deal.  But like all things skin-related, I should keep my eye on it. So yay - no skin cancer!

Then it was time to head to the gym. It's weights day, so we lifted for an hour or so (pull-ups, bench, incline bench, overhead bench, rows, biceps, triceps, abs - three sets of eight reps minimum on each). Tiring, but I felt strong and pushed through. After weights, I ran for 35 minutes (about 4.8 mph), then walked for another 25 minutes (4 mph). My legs. They are tired.

When we got home, we put the leftover ziti from yesterday in the oven, and Mr. Awesome made us some delicious date and goat cheese appetizers.

We had a little bit of ice cream cake left over in the freezer from Christmas Eve, so we ate some of that for dessert.

Drool again.

After dinner, we got sucked into an episode of Dateline. Total guilty-pleasure show. Then we listened to a couple episodes of the RadioLab podcast. One was about a woman who started to run long distances to help combat seizures, and now runs ultra-marathons because the part of the brain they removed to eliminate the seizures, also eliminated her ability to be bothered busy time passing. Fascinating. The other was about the worth of things - medicine and whatnot. Again, fascinating.

This concept of listening to podcasts together is new. We both love them, but reserved for long road trips in the car. But since we have a computer as our tv, we can listen to a podcast in place of watching a tv show. Since we sometimes want to browse on our iPads anyway, podcasts are a really good option. I think this will become a more regular occurrence.

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  1. When we are sick, the hardest part is not recovering but actually going to the doctor. Either we are too lazy or we are just scared.