Sunday, January 11, 2015

A weak week.

Mr. Awesome had the flu all week. He's just now feeling nearly better, but he still has a cough and is a little achy. Because of this flu, we've been staying home and taking it easy, outside of work.

We watched a whole bunch of Parks and Recreation this week, finishing season 5 and moving into season 6. Excellent show. So original and funny and smart.

We also watched the following movies:

  • The Wind Rises - beautiful, serene, triumphant. 

  • The Theory of Everything - boring, sadly. 

  • The imitation Game - if Sheldon Cooper was a WWII code breaker that met a tragic end. Pretty good. 

  • Big Eyes - interesting and intriguing. Really liked it. 

  • Boyhood - great concept, but ultimately only interesting for the concept. We didn't turn it off, but that's about it.

We cooked at home, but nothing too crazy - some steak, some salad, some spaghetti. Last night, Mr. Awesome felt good enough to go out for dinner because we were both craving the same thing: chicken ramen from The Farmhouse. It was a perfect dinner experience - twinkling strings of lights, a warm, eclectic room, a Pandora station seeded with Steely Dan, and really delicious, farm-fresh, local food. Brussels sprouts salad, chicken ramen, Jude's Rum cake. Perfection. 

We didn't go to the gym all week, and finally went to walk on Saturday. Today, we went and I ran three miles while Mr. Awesome walked again. That run felt so very good. 

Tonight we made some Salmon burgers and watched Top Chef.  We then tried to watch the movie Tusk, but it was really gory and we weren't into it so we watched Nick Offerman's comedy special, American Ham. 

Let's see... I think that's it.


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