Thursday, November 21, 2013

What's up, JayDoc?

Another weekend, another 5K. What can I say? We're in love.

This time, it was the JayDoc 5K in support of the JayDoc Free Clinic. JayDoc is a student-run dental care clinic that provides non-emergency urgent and preventative care to uninsured and under-insured people in Kansas City. A great cause, right?! Since the cause benefited a student-run clinic, most of the participants were students who were almost all younger than us. We weren't too intimidated, though: these races, at this point, aren't about competing against other people. They are about competing with ourselves to do better than we did last time.

The race began at the Kauffman Memorial Garden and headed west along Brush Creek, turned around on the west end of the Plaza, headed back towards the Anita B. Gorman Discovery Center, and finished at the starting location. It was a fun course - I'd never been on the portion of the Brush Creek trail west of Kaufffman, and the Discovery Center is where I walk almost every day during work. The weather was perfect - about 50 degrees and sunny - if not a bit windy.

Besides the great cause, fun route and good weather, Mr. Awesome and I ran our best races to date!

Mr. Awesome finished 40th out of 76 participants, with a time of 25:25 - that's 1:25 better than his previous best time! He told me that he didn't think he was going to finish in as good a time as he did, because the running was a bit hard at first. But he was able to keep a good pace and it paid off in the end.

I finished 69th out of 76 participants, with a time of 36:40 - that's 1:16 better than my previous best time! I focused on a couple of things. First, I really tried to stay positive and have fun. I smiled at people, said (breathlessly) hello to people as I encountered them, and kept a good attitude. I must say that improved the experience tremendously. Second, I tried to keep a good pace. When I knew I was slowing down, but was comfortable, I tried to speed up again. I kept constant assessment of my breathing and speed, adjusting to the needs of each. The end result was that I tried to push myself just a little more, and it shaved time off my PR.


No pictures from this one. Maybe next time...

... which will be the Thanksgiving Day Pilgrim Run in Hyde Park. Can't wait!

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