Monday, October 7, 2013

Still running...

Mr. Awesome and I ran again this weekend, but this time, because I had other plans during the day on Sunday, we ran in two different races.

On Saturday, I ran in the second-annual Heart and Sole 5K to support mental health services provided by Tri-County Mental Health. The run was held at Happy Rock Park, which is "my trail" - the one Mr. Awesome and I walk on at least three times a week. I really love this trail, and was so excited to participate in a run for a good cause on my favorite trail. About 60 people participated, and it was not a timed event. However, Mr. Awesome timed me and I finished in 41:44 - about 15 seconds less than last week!

It was still cold, and my lungs fought back most of the way. I don't have any muscle pain like I did last week (yay!) but I still have some breathing issues (boo!). I'm working through them - breathing through my nose, breathing through a buff or my shirt, drinking warm liquids before and after running, using my inhaler more, etc. I'm hoping as I run more these issues lessen. We'll see...

On Sunday, Mr. Awesome ran in the 17th-annual Gladstone Scarecrow Run 5K to benefit the Northland Christmas Store. The course ran through Gladstone, Missouri neighborhoods and the morning was chilly. Mr. Awesome finished 35th out of 104 participants, with a time of 29:19. This was a few seconds more than last week, but he was running with a sore hip this week.

Heading to the finish line, Mr. Awesome was neck and neck with a young girl who was running just as hard as he was. They finished at exactly the same time.

I watched him finish, then we went our separate ways - I picked up my sister and headed north to visit my dad, and he went home to do lots of things that needed to be done around the house. When I got home several hours later, there was a big pot of chili ready to be eaten for dinner. It was delicious.

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