Monday, June 3, 2013

A whole new world.

During the second week of April, Mr. Awesome had an opportunity to attend a conference in Orlando, Florida, and I got to tag along. The weather was perfect, and we made the most of our time with lots of fun, food and relaxation.

Day 1:
Day 2:
  • Mr. Awesome attended conference sessions, and I got a pedicure and spent most of the day by the pool, reading A Game of Thrones.
  • Dinner at Downtown Disney's Bongo's Cuban Cafe. The food was surprisingly good. Beautiful night to walk around.
Day 3:
  • Lunch in France at Chefs de France, followed by dessert at Les Halles. At lunch, the "chef" - Remy from Ratatouille - toured the dining room on a cheese tray. It was great!

  • Dinner at a ho-hum restaurant in Italy, Via Napoli.

  • At some point during the day, my phone decided to stop functioning properly. Sadness.
Day 4:
  • Had to get the phone replaced - new iPhone 5.

  • The Magic Kingdom! What an incredible and memorable day. They made the day feel so special - three parades, lots of characters, good food - everything was amazing. We walked in right as a parade was passing by - just in time to see Mickey!
  • Mastering the FastPass system was easy - we didn't wait in line more than 15 minutes for any attraction.

  • Favorite attractions: Space Mountain (we surprised ourselves by going on it in the first place. It's terrifying, but fun), Haunted Mansion, Swiss Family Treehouse, Hall of Presidents.

  • Lunch at the newest restaurant, Be Our Guest. The restaurant is designed to be like Beast's castle in Beauty and the Beast, and it was so cool! The food was good, and very reasonable.

  • Dinner was the best hot dogs we've ever had, at The Launching Pad in Tomorrowland.

  • The Electric Light Parade was my very favorite experience - when I was a kid, I had a picture book of the parade, with a record that played the theme song as I flipped through. The parade this time had the same music, and some of the same floats from my book. It was incredible
Day 5:
  • Headed to Cocoa Beach before catching our return flight home.
The trip was a memorable adventure. Orlando is a great place, and we'd go back again should the opportunity present itself in the future. As for Disney World, I went when I was eleven (with my family), at sixteen (with a showchoir camp) and now in my thirties. I can honestly say that I had the most fun on this visit. So, so much fun.

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