Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Toxic avenger.

As I described in my previous post, I've been on Dr. Oz’s 3-Day Detox Cleanse since Monday. All in all, it's gone very well.

Today is my last day, and I am happy to report that I've gotten a lot out of this experience.

On all three days I've had headaches, and I believe these are caused by lack of caffeine. I've been drinking green tea in the morning, which helps for a bit, but I'm also accustomed to an afternoon latte and when noon rolls around, the headache starts. It's not too bad, though... more of an annoyance than anything.

I've also had a little less energy than usual, which is also attributable to no caffeine. Last night on the elliptical, I was struggling. I still went 5.3 miles in 60 minutes, but it was really tough.

So I'm left with the question for tomorrow - to drink coffee or not to drink coffee? I think I will drink a cup in the morning, and instead of a Starbucks latte, I'll opt for tea. Less calories and fat in tea, anyway. I think I'll try to save the lattes for weekends.

Now for the good stuff -

I've mostly felt really good. My head seems clear, I've been in a great mood (in spite of mild headaches and slightly less energy), and my body as a whole feels terrific. All I've ingested for the last three days has been fruits, vegetables, almonds and coconut oil, and my body seems very happy with these inputs.

I've also thought less - and more - about food than I normally do, which is also a good thing for me. At work, when I get bored, I reach for a snack of some sort - granola bar, cheese, grapes - and eat at my desk. I often wonder in the morning what I'm going to have for a snack in the afternoon, if my lunch will be filling enough, what I'm going to make for dinner, if we'll want dessert. These three days, all of that has disappeared. I know exactly what I'm going to eat and when, and that's that. It's been freeing, in a way. As much as I love cooking and food in general, it kind of consumes my brain and these three days have shown me that there's more to life than just food.

I'm actually a little nervous about going back to "real food" tomorrow, because I've done so well within these confines. When all options are on the table, I tend to lose my focus and lots of little slip-ups equal big setbacks in the long run.

So there's another question - what will I do with this knowledge when tomorrow comes? What can I learn from this experience to apply to my everyday food habits?

My big takeaway is that I need to plan better. Make sure I know what I'm having for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner in advance and stick to it. Make sure those options are healthy, wholesome, and nutritious. Got that sweet tooth after dinner? The smoothie detox taught me that I don't need anything extra once I'm satiated. Want a grande latte at lunch? Skip it in favor of tea and save those calories for something else.

As with everything, this is easier to say than do. But for three days I planned and ate exactly what I set out to eat, so why can't I do that for three more days, and three after that, and so on? I've even put at Post-It on my monitor to remind me of past success in moments of bored weakness.

This, by the way, in no means implies I'm giving up my restaurant love. Au contraire, mon ami. We're going to Michael Smith this weekend to indulge in a 6-course meal - preceded by a light breakfast and at least an hour at the gym, and followed up by a light breakfast, more gym and a light dinner the following day.

See? I've started planning ahead already ;)

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