Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's Holiday Crunch Time Again!

Oh man, I am so far behind this year. We're working on a small redecorating project in our living room that's managed to take most of the year. Almost done... but not quite. The furniture is still pulled out from the wall, a ladder is still central focus in the room. Therefore, no tree. In fact, no decorations at all. More to come on the project - it's simple, but really exciting!

We did string lights on the tree in our front yard, to give the impression of festivity inside.

Not one present is wrapped yet. We still have many more to get. There's still time... right?!

This isn't to say that we aren't in the Christmas spirit. Quite the contrary - we have a Christmas mix CD in the car and are constantly singing one holiday song or another (right now, Christmas by Blues Traveler is on repeat in my head). We've had holiday parties at work, this Sunday we're going to see The Nutcracker - holiday spirit abounds!

Just no decorations. Which is okay, because it's what's inside that counts, and inside, we're all about the Christmas!

We even broke out the footie pajamas!

Last weekend, Mr. Awesome and I accompanied my mom and bonus dad to St. Louis to see Wicked and eat yummy food. We did a little shopping, had an excellent brunch and enjoyed the show - yes, even Mr. Awesome sort of liked the show. Hey, he didn't fall asleep, so that's something.

Over the next few days we have lots of last-minute shopping to do, lots of presents to wrap, lots of songs to sing, fun to have, laughs to share, hugs to hand out, love to give. Christmas Eve will be spent with Mr. Awesome's family, and Christmas Dinner will be with  mine. As long as we are with people we love, it doesn't matter how organized we are, how perfectly the gifts are packaged, how many ornaments are on the tree (if there even is one). Where we are, where love lives, Christmas is.

Merry Christmas, everyone.