Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanks-giving about Thanksgiving!

I’ve gotten behind on my thankfulness shout-outs, but I’m a fan of ketchup (I even put it on my sous vide steaks – shh… don’t tell anyone!), so here goes:

Thanksgiving thanks: I am thankful that Mr. Awesome and I get to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with our parents. My mom usually pulls out the china decorated with turkeys, and she and her Mr. Wonderful host me, Mr. Awesome and Mr. Awesome’s parents for dinner. This year, after suffering the great dishwasher flood of 2012, her kitchen was unavailable, so the whole gang went to Houlihan’s in Overland Park for Thanksgiving dinner. It was terrific! Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, cranberries, veggies, bread, pie – the works! Plus, no dishes to clean. Mom’s planning on hosting dinner on Christmas day so we can see her new kitchen floor.

Related: The only other time I’ve had Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant was when I was a kid . It was mom’s turn to host dinner for the whole family, and she decided that year to take everyone to… Houlihan’s! I recall having a great meal that time, too. Alas, the Plaza location is no more.

Friday thanks: I am thankful for the inspiration provided by Pinterest, especially when I actually take actions based on that inspiration.

Saturday thanks: Every weekend, Mr. Awesome makes us his famous “weekend breakfast” of scrambled cheesy “eggs” with salsa and sour cream, toasted English muffins with jam, and orange juice (water for me).

I am thankful that he willingly does this, and that he can make fake eggs taste like heaven on a plate. I look forward all week to our weekend breakfast together.

Sunday thanks: I’m thankful for the paved trails at Happy Rock Park. Two or three miles fly by when we can enjoy the trees, the stream, the birds, the squirrels and all the rest.

Monday thanks: I lead my first large training session today, for about 20 people. Geek speak for a minute: we’re implementing a new incident management system at work and I’m the lead for documentation and training. The project has had its ups and downs, but overall I’ve learned much and really enjoy the opportunity to take the lead on the training. For this, I am thankful. I am also thankful that my first group acted interested and were very supportive. I work with great people! Two sessions down as of today (Wednesday), five more to go…

Tuesday thanks: I’m thankful that I am doing better in my French class than I thought I would be at this point. My final is next week. Merde! I’ll be really, really thankful when that’s done.

Wednesday thanks: I am thankful for amazing bonus parents. When I was 9, my dad married Susan. Even though that didn’t last forever, my admiration and love for her will. She introduced me to the virtues of small-town life and country traditions – Santa on a fire truck, making a wooden dollhouse, stringing cranberries and popcorn for a Christmas tree, Frontier Days talent shows, porch cats, hound dogs, all of that. As I became an adult, she has been one of those strong, inspirational, charge-headlong-into-your-dreams kind of people, filled with courage and enthusiasm for the next great adventure. Oh, and she’s the mother of my sister Jamie, who, as I have said previously, is a pretty awesome individual herself.

Steve is everything I would have picked for my mom and more. Mr. Awesome loves him because of that one time he let us ride a Segway around their driveway. I love him because he loves my mom and she loves him. Oh, and he’s generous of heart, spirit, time, laughter and love. What more could you ask for? How about a pretty kick-ass bonus sister in his daughter, Danielle. She’s gonna be famous someday, in a good way.

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