Monday, November 5, 2012

Thankfulness from the weekend and today.

While I didn't post anything here over the weekend, I still kept track of what I am thankful for.

On Saturday, I was thankful for the extra hour of sleep I get from the Daylight Savings time switch. I really, really like sleep.

That said, I'm not thankful for what the time change does to my evenings - since there's less daylight after work, I can't go for a walk in the park because it's too dark. Park walks are, for the time being, reserved for days off and weekends. All other fitness walking will be done at the gym. Thankfully, it has an indoor track.

On Sunday, I expressed my thanks for Mr. Awesome.

Mr. Awesome is everything I am not, and I'm everything he's not and together we're something complete. I am thankful that we met when we were 15 years old and get to spend our whole lives together. I'm thankful he doesn't mind rescuing me from the occasional spider, and that, rather than smash that spider, he catches it and takes it outside.

Today, I'm thankful for my mom.

I read recently that happiness is 50% genetic, 10% environmental (your workplace, your living conditions) and 40% personal choice. I'm a (mostly) positive and happy person, and I can attribute 50% of that to my mom, as she's (mostly) positive and happy, too.

She's been and continues to be the example by which I model my own life. Her considerate nature, thoughtfulness, strength, and genuinely great capacity for love are evident in everything she is and does. I have friends who have some pretty difficult mothers, and I am forever thankful that my mom is just plain wonderful.

This isn't just lip service - I don't know of anyone who knows her that hasn't experienced the goodness that is her firsthand. Kindness, humor, compassion, love - these are the words that make up my mom.

Mom, I love you. I am so very thankful you're my mom.

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