Friday, November 2, 2012

Here. Now.

Yesterday I was thankful for instant oatmeal. I ate some this morning, and it was delicious, and I was thankful for it all over again.

Today, I am thankful for modern domestic conveniences.

How wonderful to have had the providence to be born in a place and age that gives me access to clean water, complete with indoor plumbing? What a stroke of cosmic luck to be alive in the age of electricity, and all that comes with it - light that extends the day long into the night, a climate controlled house, refrigeration, ovens, washers, dryers, all of it the stuff of daily necessity, and all of it stuff I regularly take for granted.

When in recorded time have we been so fortunate in our ready access to knowledge – so much of it a point-and-click away – and comfort and information? True, the weight of it can become overwhelming at times, but that’s when we adapt and learn our personal limitations and allowances.

My alarm clock, set by syncing with a signal out of the air, wakes me, I shower, I get dressed in a lighted house long before sunrise, I drive to work, and listen to one of a hundred different radio stations. My pedometer talks to my computer talks to my phone talks to my car. My day is filled with inventions and concepts people 100 years ago couldn't imagine possible. Is all of it necessary? No. But we're alive, and it's here, and I'm thrilled by it all.

I am thankful for the technology of now.

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