Monday, November 12, 2012

A weekend of thanks.

Saturday thanks: I'm thankful for excellent restaurants that are cropping up all over Kansas City. Especially those that serve contemporary American and farm-to-table. Frank and I wanted to go out for a good dinner on Saturday night, and it's a joy to have so many choices: Room 39, the Reiger, Bluestem, Julian... and many others. We decided on Justus Drugstore in Smithville, MO. We'd last been two years ago, and it was up until then the best meal we'd ever had. Our return trip over the weekend was just as excellent, and I see us returning much more frequently.

I'm also thankful that I was never allowed to have a picky palate when growing up. My stepfather, Howard, would order spinach salad and escargots from Houlihan's almost every Sunday when I was a kid. When I was eight, he tricked me into eating an escargot, and I loved it. It was revolutionary, and I never forgot the lesson that good things can come in odd packages.

Sunday thanks: I'm thankful for those clip things that hold my sheets on my mattress. Sheet slippage is the scourge that has been vanquished from our home!

Today's thanks: I'm thankful for cute pictures of animals on the Internet. Whenever I need an "aww" moment, I am never disappointed Some examples:

If the Internet is never used for anything other than as a cute animal search engine ever again, it would still be the miracle tool of our age.

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