Monday, December 19, 2011

It's the holiday season... so whoop-de-doo and dickory doc.

And don't forget to hang up your socks.

'Cause just exactly at twelve o'clock... he'll be comin' down the chimney. Down.

I finally got my Christmas tree decorated, and thanks to our recent purchase of Scat Mats, the tree and its associated decorations and presents are safe from the prying paws (and teeth) of sundry cats.

I'm just going to put this out there: I love Christmas music. I could listen to Christmas music all year long, and have a tendency to sprinkle some of it through my average work week.

There's a whole lot of great Christmas music out there, and thanks to Spotify and my iTunes collection, I can listen to just about anything I want.

Some of my favorite Christmas albums this season are:

A Very She & Him Christmas by She and Him - The twee cuteness of Zooey Deschanel is tempered nicely by the raw talent of M. Ward.

In the Park: Christmas (Various) - A collection of instrumental and vocal jazz, as well as choral music, that's classic and timeless.

Joy to the World by Pink Martini - the modern lounge act performs both traditional and international holiday music that's as beautiful as it is interesting.

The Hotel Cafe Presents Winter Songs (Various) - talented women sing beautiful holiday songs.

A Lovely Way to Spend Christmas by Kristen Chenoweth - I'm a fan of her Broadway vocal style, which translates nicely to Christmas songs.

A Christmas Cornucopia by Annie Lennox - Annie Lennox has a voice that was forged for winter-flavored song.

Country Christmas (Various) - A nice compilation of songs by some excellent country artists.

Great stuff, all of these.

Did I mention I love Christmas music?

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