Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New year, new post.

The last month, especially the last two weeks, have been a whirlwind of holiday festivities.

Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Visiting Crown Center to see the Gingerbread Village display. As a kid, I remember the one that was in the lobby of the Crown Center hotel that contained a few houses and a really beautiful cathedral. The current setup is much more elaborate, but not quite as charming or memorable as the original.

  • Three Christmases - one with Mr. Awesome's parents, one with my mom's family, and one with my Dad/sister/former step-mom. All three were filled with love and laughter.

    One of my favorite gifts received was a Miss Piggy mug from my mom. I had one just like it when I was a kid, and it broke years ago.

    Mr. Awesome got a nice jacket from his parents and a remote-control helicopter and some jammies from me. I got some great Gap stuff from my in-laws and other odds and ends from the rest of my family. Mr. Awesome did good and got me some fabulous Ecco Rise GTX boots.

  • We had our first dinner at Bluestem and hope to return for more over the next year. Each course was outstanding and I've learned that I love pink peppercorns and foie gras, together and separately.

  • Black Swan was the best movie we've seen all year. The more I think about it, the more I find to like about it.

  • Mr. Awesome started a new job (same place of business) this week, which means he's now located in another building instead of in the same office suite as me. We still get to carpool and do lunch together, so it's not all that different. But it's still weird to not get to pop into his office several times a day. I am, however, adjusting quite nicely to getting to sleep in about 30 minutes more due to a later start time.

  • A co-worker is teaching me how to knit. I knitted half of what sort of looks like a scarf over the break and have to get more yarn to finish it. Since I'm always looking for the perfect scarf/hat/glove combo, my goal is to eventually make my own.
  • As a New Year's gift to our home, we ordered a Sous Vide Supreme. I'm hoping to start using it in a couple of weeks. So excited!


  1. Those boots are so super cute! - and appear to be super functional and comfortable. Nice work Mr. A!

  2. I'm still shocked you guys haven't cooked something already with the Sous Vide, even if it means using a sub-standard bag. :)