Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Stay on target... stay on target!

Here’s what we had for dinner last week, complete with links to recipes in my cookbook. An asterisk (*) indicates recipes we tried for the first time:

Monday: Classic Stuffed Peppers and sautéed spinach

Tuesday: Macaroni and cheese with tuna and peas

Wednesday: Chicken and Leek Potpie*

Thursday: Sushi at Kato!

Friday: Turkey Antipasto Panini and roasted Brussels sprouts

Saturday: Chipotle!

Sunday: Pan-Seared Salmon with Honey-Balsamic Sauce and Buttery Herb Couscous

Treat Monday: Peanut Butter Hugs

My first week on the new Weight Watchers PointsPlus system has been really great. I've been motivated to eat more fruit and I've found myself reaching for grapes when I otherwise would have reached for a VitaTop or baked potato chips. I've also been more motivated to exercise lately - re-reading the Harry Potter series while on my bike is a good strategy! As a result, I met my goal of using my bike three times last week! YAY ME!

AND - I've used it twice this week! YAY ME AGAIN!

I'm almost through Christmas shopping and can't wait until our families get their gifts. We've found great stuff for everyone on our list - you know, those just perfect gifts you can't wait to give (I have four words for my nephew who doesn't read this blog - two-foot tall tonton) - now all I have to do is wrap them.

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