Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Another bulleted list. Get over it.
  • After a month with us, Griz the cat has turned out to be an absolute joy to have around.

  • I've been cooking much more lately and trying more recipes as a result. I've even been keeping recipes, tried and untried, on a Web site for easy reference (complete with notes and photos). If I know you, and you'd like a link to my recipe site, let me know. I promise there's something on there you'd enjoy.

  • We've been watching more movies at home lately. Here are three worth checking out:
    Inglorious Bastards
    Let The Right One In
    In The Loop

  • I'm ALMOST done Christmas shopping. Almost.

  • I really need to stay away from the Gap for a while. Unless I come across a suitcase full of money.
That is all. For now.