Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pho to the oh.

As promised when I (sort of) posted the recipe, I got a picture of our Pho Ga from the other night. It was superdelicious.

Pho Ga is made from angel tears and puppy smiles.

While we're on the subject of photos, I finally unloaded the pictures I took of the towel I made for my mom for Mother's Day. She has a cart in her kitchen that's covered contact paper with a colorful fruit pattern. Think Carmen Miranda. I thought this towel would go nicely with that theme:

Sometimes I make things with needles and thread. Sometimes they turn out purdy.

Here's a detail of the dancing chica:

Mr. Awesome likes her red undies.

My mom loved it. I don't know what I'm going to make next. I have a few ideas, though. Of course, there will be pictures.


  1. I love the towel! And the pho picture is making me hungry. (If its just a picture of pho is it faux?)

  2. HA! The picture may be faux, but the pho was delicious! I had stopped sewing for a while after we got our dog, but picked it back up for this towel. I still haven't decided on a follow-up project.

  3. Wow, Lynn! That looks so good! I didn't know you were so talented. Do you know how to sew and/or use a sewing machine? If so...I WANT LESSONS! I need to make Chris, myself, and the new baby a Christmas stocking..... I made Grant one for his first Christmas, and I'd like to keep that tradition going for the rest of the family!