Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I don't want to make this post.

Maltoodle. Royeo Pooster. Punky Pooster. Rooster Pooster. Stinkbug. Poodleface. Poodle Noodle.


Sunday afternoon he started yelping whenever we touched his abdomen. We called the vet and he said as long as he wasn't throwing up (he wasn't) that we could bring him in for a check-up Monday morning. Roy was lethargic Sunday night, but I sat him in a chair next to me and petted him, and gave him water, and he started to look like he was feeling better. Monday morning he seemed much better than the night before. He was wagging his tail and running around (albeit a little slower than normal). We dropped him off at the vet and figured he just had a stomach ache and a little rest would help.

Instead, he had cancerous tumors in his abdomen, and one of them had burst and he was bleeding internally and there was nothing they could do for him. We had to have him put to sleep yesterday afternoon.

I guess it's better that it was so sudden and not long and drawn out. Even so, he was wonderful and I miss him and can't believe he's gone. He was only nine, and never showed any other symptoms.

It's been a really tough year for pets. In June, Schroeder, my 14-year old golden retriever, passed away.

He was a big, slobbery goofball who loved nothing more than lying next to someone he loved with his head on their lap.

In October we lost Rags to complications from diabetes. I got him from Wayside Waifs in 1998. He was, without a doubt, the greatest cat I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Rags would come when called, fetch, meow on cue and sing with me. We had to give him insulin shots for a year and he never, ever complained. In fact, he would remind us to give him his shot by standing in front of the refridgerator (where we kept the insulin) and meowing.

He was big and furry and awesome. Check out his guide on how to shave a cat to see just how awesome he was.

Schroeder, Rags and now Roy. It's been really, really hard.

I hope death is through with us for a while.

We still have Ralphie...

And Finnie...

But I still miss the others. I miss my poodle face.


  1. So sorry to hear about your poor little dog and all of the other precious pets you've lost.

  2. I still remember how you taught Roy to pee on me when I rubbed his belly!

    Little Roy will be missed. :(

  3. I am so, so sorry. ..off to hug my own dogs a little harder today.