Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Is this rational?

From an IM conversation earlier today:

me: I'm listening to a coworker tell another coworker that the reason there is poverty and famine in the world is because of an OVERABUNDANCE of food... his theory is that American farmers produce too much food, and other countries/peoples want to compete with us, so they have more children in an attempt to have more workers to compete in food production.

I don't have the stamina (?) right now to ask where religion and lack of birth control come into his theory

So instead of jumping into his conversation, I'm laying it on you.

You're welcome

theotherguy: wow ... not sure I've ever experienced a 2nd hand aneurism via IM before ... quite an odd sensation

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  1. Reading this took me back to my Call Center days when I often got to hear Dave and Suzanne discuss matters of the world.