Monday, November 17, 2008

Music makes the people come together.

This post by the Andersons inspired me to make a list of all the musical acts/musicians I've seen perform live. It's not a long list, but there are some gems, for sure:

BB King - At Spirit Fest. Remember Spirit Fest?
Janet Jackson - Rhythm Nation tour - first concert without adult supervision
Harry Connick, Jr. - At Starlight, right after When Harry Met Sally came out. So good.
Reba McEntire - My mom got free tickets. She was pretty good. 
The Judds - Again, mom got free tickets. They were terrific.
Michael Crawford - More free tickets from mom. I cried when he sang "Music of the Night."
Bob Dylan - Spirit Fest. I couldn't understand one word.
Lyle Lovett - Opened for Sting with a subdued set that didn't really grab the crowd.
Sting - Fantastic.
Barry Manilow - He was freaking awesome.
Blink-182 - For my sister's 16th birthday. They were unremarkable.
Alkaline Trio - Opened for Blink-182. Again, unremarkable.
Jackson Browne - Great show.
Keb ‘Mo - Okay, but not the best.
Bonnie Raitt - Fan-freaking-tastic. That woman is a force of nature.
Ben Folds - 15 times this year. I'm an addict.
Ben Lee - Twice with Ben Folds. Completely forgettable.
Eff Barzelay - Twice with Ben Folds - I would travel 3000 miles to see him perform again. Incredble.
Missy Higgins - Seven times with Ben Folds, and loved her more every time. I will definitely see her again.
Jewel - At Okobos Music Festival. Great entertainer - I was impressed.
Ingrid Michaelson - Okobos. I really short set, but good.
M. Ward - Okobos. Short set and that was sad. He was one of the best performers I've ever seen.
Death Cab For Cutie - Okobos. Good show.
David Byrne - "Once In A Lifetime" live. 'Nuff said.
Coldplay - They performed 10 feet from us. The entire show was great.

I keep thinking that I'm missing something, but I don't know what it is. Ah well.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

How to speak to the dead.

I meant to relay this WTF moment that happened to me a month or so ago, but forgot until just now.
A couple of weeks after we got our iPhones, Mr. Awesome and I were heading to Minneapolis. At about 10 in the morning, I get a text:   

I miss you... rest n peace

WTF, I said out loud. Since I had nothing better to do, as I was riding in the car, I replied back. Here's that conversation. The original texter is in italics:

I miss you... rest n peace

I think you have the wrong number.

Who is this

The person u told to rest n peace.

Stephen is the 1 i told to rip

No, you told me. you might want to tell Stephen again.

This was his number when he was alive I didn't know they gave it 2 someone else

---About an hour passes---

Sorry 2 bother u but that was some freaky shit when u texted back

Freaky shit, indeed. Although I don't know what's freakier - that I have a dead guy's phone number, or that someone sent a text message to a dead guy. I guess we all deal with grief in our own way.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A week later.

I've been in a very good mood since late last Tuesday evening. You know - new world, change, yes we can and all that. Exciting times, people. Now the countdown begins to January 20th, 2009. That day can't come soon enough.

What else has been going on?

  • I made Pho Ga for dinner last night, and am making butternut squash risotto tonight with the leftover broth. The best part? The butternut squash is frozen and already cut up! If you've ever tried to cut up a raw butternut squash, you can understand my excitement here.

  • We're going to seen Coldplay on Thursday with the Andersons. Can't wait! AND - they are apparently feeding us before the show! YES!

  • I've got my eyes on a pair of shoes and a handbag for Christmas. Maybe we can pick these up on eBay...