Friday, October 3, 2008

I'm voting for James Garner, the original Maverick.

A list of items and occurrances relevant to me and mine:

  • I read two books recently. The first, Duma Key by Stephen King, was really long (over 600 pages) but also really well-written, really funny, really creepy and really good. The second, Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk, was a hilarious, quick read. Bonus points for more helpful household tips than Heloise.

  • Mr. Awesome and I got iPhones. While I had a feeling it would be cool, its coolness has far exceeded my expectations. My love for the iPhone shows no sign of waining.

  • I've developed a bit of an obsession with iPhone apps recently. The following are ones I find particularly excellent (search the Apps Store to find them):

    • Twinkle - Twitter app and more - Free

    • Facebook - Free

    • Mobile Fotos - If you use Flickr, you need this app - a bargain at $2.99

    • Aurora Feint - Gorgeous game that's sort of like Tetris, but better. For those of us who don't have other portable game systems, this game is great - Free

    • Midomi - Sing a line or hum a bar from a song and this app tells you what the song is with pretty good results - Free

  • Thanks to the iPhone, I've become what I swore I'd never be - a texter. I can't believe I resisted it for so long.

  • Finnie got "fixed" a couple of weeks ago. She had to wear one of those ridiculous Elizabethan collars for a week. I won't post a photo here so as not to embarass her. She has fully recovered and is chasing Frisbees again.

  • Last night, in an attempt to jazz up my normal Orange Chicken recipe, I  added too much vinegar and ended up making accidental BBQ chicken. That was weird and unexpected, but surprisingly good over rice.

  • My mom sent me a link to a video that you all must watch. It's terrific. Go on - watch it now.

  • I received my gift certificates from the Hard Rock Cafe. One hundered smackers worth. Hot damn, we're eating well in Louisville this weekend.

  • Speaking of Louisville, we're headed there this weekend. Did I say that already? Tomorrow night we'll be enjoying the soulful sounds of Ben Folds and the Louisville Symphony Orchestra.

  • Speaking of Ben Folds, his latest CD, Way to Normal, was released on Tuesday. It's terrific.

  • This Louisville trip kicks off a series of BenVentures that will take us all over the freaking Midwest in the next two weeks. I see lots of fast food in my future.

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