Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Putting my writing skills to good use.

I wrote to the customer service department of the Hard Rock Cafe to let them know that our Nashville experience wasn't all that great. When we had a bad experience at Houlihan's last year, I wrote a letter to Houlihan's customer service and ended up with gift certificates. Since Mr. Awesome and I will be travelling to several cities that have Hard Rock Cafes in the coming months, I was hoping to get an HRC gift certificate... and I am! Here's an excerpt from the response I received from the general manager of the Nashville Hard Rock Cafe:

What I can tell you is that we have been #1 in the world for Hard Rock International in Guest Satisfaction for 10 months running and we are very proud of that accomplishment.  We strive every day to maintain that standard.  In your case our standards slipped big time.  We take all comments seriously and make improvements immediately.  Your comments will be read at our shift meetings for the next week so our staff fully understands how high expectations, on the part of the guest, can be destroyed with just one word or lack of product.

Please don't give up on our brand.  We are so much better than what you saw in Nashville.  Since you will be traveling the Midwest this fall I would appreciate it if you would accept complimentary gift cards from me so that you may enjoy a meal at a  Hard Rock Cafe in one of the cities you will be visiting. 

The moral of this story, boys and girls, is if you have a crappy customer service experience, let the business know about it. In almost every case, they'll try to make good - unless that business is Photographx Unlimited.


  1. Great post. I will read your posts frequently. Added you to the RSS reader.

  2. Awesome Lynn!! It's always nice to get free stuff when you get screwed over by a restaurant or company. I need to get better about following through when I receive a bad product or customer service.