Monday, August 18, 2008

Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

It was a weekend of new shoes and free food. Oh, and some friends got married.

On Friday night we headed out to Yard House to find the place absolutely packed. No worries, though - after a short 15 minute wait we were seated and a short time later, we were filling the hungry void. I learned a valuable lesson on this visit: I don't like ales. Give me a stout, a porter, darn-near anything with wheat in the name, and I'll probably like it. I do not, however, like many of the ales I've tried. And now I know. After dinner, we hit up the Nike outlet and I bought my first pair of decent sneaks in years.

On Saturday, Mr. Awesome and I paid our yearly respects to future college graduates by volunteering to help them set up their computers to connect in the residence halls. We are saintly, I know.

Saturday night, we headed out south to celebrate the marriage of our friends Chris and Heather, who are, as I type this, most likely floating around one of Minnesota's 10,000 lakes on a houseboat. Their reception was memorable for many reasons, not least of which was the homemade disco ball put together using a punching bag and a car battery. Congratulations, Chris and Heather! Thanks for the great party and for feeding us on a Saturday night. And thanks for all the booze. And the chocolate covered sunflower seeds. Who knew those were so delicious?

Sunday I ventured north to take my dad to lunch at one of Bethany, Missouri's premier dining establishments, the Toot Toot. They have a buffet, and lots of old dudes in trucker hats. Apparently, they have good prime rib on Saturday nights. On Sunday afternoons, they have old dudes with trucker hats and gravy.

As hard as it was to surpass the greatness that is a meal at the Toot Toot, Sunday evening proved to be a true competitor as Mr. Awesome and I were guinea pigs for the Anderson's first foray into the glorious world of smoked meats. My friends, I'm telling you I've never enjoyed a piece of meat so much in all my life (that's what she said). Brisket and chicken were accompanied by grilled corn(s) and yummy fruit salad. It was all washed down with a viewing of Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay. Aside from much grossness and not enough Neil Patrick Harris, I laughed much and enjoyed it. For your drooling pleasure, I present a picture of the smoked brisket:

Monday, Monday brings us the first day of classes and frantic students and instructors and literally hundreds of phone calls, which we all tried to handle as best we can. I must say, though - it is truly astonishing to me that an 18 year-old college student doesn't know what a laptop power supply is. "Is that the blue cord?" Um, it's the one that plugs into the wall, genius.

Monday evening found us eating boiled shrimp and relaxing on the deck. The weather is beautiful, which is sort of weird since August in KC is notoriously awful. Maybe the Chinese finally figured out how to manipulate weather, and they're feeling generous to us Midwesterners.

Today will probably be another hectic day, but such is farm life.

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  1. Thanks for the props ... next you will have to be our test subjects for some other smoked meat. ;)