Thursday, August 14, 2008

Real vs. Fake

Rolling Stone has a terrific interview with Ben Folds about his leaked version of Way To Normal and how it compares to the real version we'll hear in September.
"I may be on crack, but I think if that was half the real record, it'd be good," he adds. "Everyone I know keeps wanting to put it in and play it. We're all not honest these days about the way we listen to music. It all has to have context. I think some people hate it because they were told it was a joke. In the end people got free songs and we had something to do on July 11."

He says the fake songs were all recorded on one night in Dublin. That's talent, people.

Personally, I really like the fake songs, and hope to hear at least some of them in concert this October. I'm avoiding the real versions until the record hits the stores on September 30th. That date can't come soon enough!

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