Monday, July 7, 2008

Things I learned on my 4th of July vacation.

Presumably, roving bands of gypsies travel the streets of Kansas City, picking up just about everything left out for heavy pick-up prior to the designated pick-up date. The gypsies garnered the following haul from our pile of (to us) junk:

  • A rusty Simpsons Weber grill complete with cover

  • A broken hose winder thing and pain-in-the-ass hose

  • A banged-up bird cage complete with some shabby toys

  • An entertainment center that we took apart in order to get it to the curb, and were kind enough to painstakingly put back together in order to appeal to said gypsies
There are some things that even gypsies won't take, like the two old litter boxes, and a broken plastic table. Picky, picky.

Oak Grove Park had a really nice fireworks show. I've heard some complaints that the fireworks weren't shot high enough, but we had an absolutely perfect view. Mr. Awesome took some really good pictures:

It's almost like being there, only not as loud, and without the bug bites.

I've lived in Kansas City all my life and have dined at the 75th Street Brewery many times. However, I had not experienced the pleasure of their Royal Raspberry Wheat beer until this past weekend. While I love the darker varieties, this was refreshing and wheaty with enough of a raspberry hint to keep it interesting. Delicious.


  1. You can't make a still out of a litter box?

  2. Large-item pickup days are when the crazy scavengers come out. Some of our friends have a party on their front lawn every year to watch all the people with their trucks and flashlights picking up anything they can carry. Good times :)