Friday, May 2, 2008

I'll huff, and I'll puff...

Last evening, Mr. Awesome and I went to the bookstore after dinner. I'm almost finished with Love in the Time of Cholera (I'll probably finish it tonight), and as we were leaving around 7:15pm, it was just starting to rain. Across the sky to the west was the full arch of a rainbow. It was just beautiful.

The rain continued as we headed home, and by the time we pulled into our garage, the rainbow was gone, replaced by thick, black, fast-moving clouds. We turned on the television to find non-stop weather porn. Every local channel was a hodgepodge of maps and colored blobs and icons and weather people trying not to spooge in their shorts at the chance to outdo each other. We cycled through them all, except for channel 5 because I'll be damned if I'm ever gonna watch Katie Horner beg me to get in my basement again. That, and the announcer voice that channel 5 has now is so ridiculously sensational and fear-mongering that I refuse to be a party to it. Take that, channel 5. Who's afraid now?

So we watched a DVR'd Family Guy, and some music videos, and finally someone at KSHB got smart and started 30 Rock. Oh yeah, I was one happy camper - until, at a climatic moment, Tine Fey was replaced by Gary Lezak and his enormous shoulders and I was happy no more. We flipped around for a while, then went to bed.

Mr. Awesome woke me up at about 1:40am and the wind was really, really loud. We were asking each other if it sounded like a train, since that's what those in the know say a tornado sounds like, but we came to the conclusion that even though it was loud, it wasn't freight train loud, so we were probably okay. I went into the bathroom, still half-asleep, and could feel the wall of our house sort of shaking. The wind was so loud and I was so half-asleepy, that I didn't hear Mr. Awesome tell me he was coming into the bathroom, and as I walked out, I slammed right into him and for a second I thought my eyeball popped out. Then I thought I might have a black eye, but I woke up enough to take a look in the mirror and all was well with me.

We zombie-walked out to the kitchen and turned on the tv to find more weather porn, only this time it was justified. The storm was almost past us, and after about 5 minutes, we went back to bed as the wind died down a bit.

We woke up this morning to find that we still have a house and trees. Our only damage is some broken knickknacks on our deck that got tossed around, and the mess left by the explosion of a Rubbermaid chest on our patio that held some garden stuff. The rest of our neighborhood faired similarly - quite the contrast to 2003 when our neighborhood suffered some heavy damage, and the neighborhood two blocks down the road was nearly demolished.

Some other neighborhoods and businesses in my neck of the woods didn't fare so well - I'm sending good thoughts their way. Sometimes, the weather just sucks around here.

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