Wednesday, February 6, 2008


In the last week, I noticed that someone managed to come across my blog by searching for "advice where to sit at music hall kansas city." I don't really have a post that gives that advice, but in the interest of public service, I'll make one now. Here's my brief tour of where to sit at the Kansas City Music Hall.

My favorite place to sit is the mezzanine. That's the first, smaller balcony just below the cheaper seats in the balcony. You're high enough to take in all the action, but not so far away from the stage that you're squinting to see human shapes. I sat in the mezzanine when Hairspray was here a couple of years ago, and had a perfect view of everything.

When we saw Sweeney Todd, we were on the floor level, way to the left, about 15 rows back. We moved further back and more toward the center after intermission, because being so far to one side blocked the view of the left 1/5 of the stage. So if you're sitting on the floor, be as centered as possible.

We sat in the upper balcony for Avenue Q. That was okay, except that we were pretty far from the stage and couldn't really see facial expressions very well. I don't know which I preferred - floor seats with a partially obstructed view, or balcony seats where we could see the whole stage, but everything was really small, like looking at a diorama. I guess it depends on the show - for Avenue Q, it was really about the puppets, so seeing the actors' expressions wasn't necessarily required.

I will say that the theater was really, really cold, so bring a coat or blanket or both. There is coffee for sale in the lobby - five bucks for a 12oz vanilla latte kind of pissed me off, but I was too cold to care at that point. It was a good latte, though.

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