Monday, January 14, 2008

I like turtles.

Let's see...

  • We're still cooking like crazy... I promise to post photos as soon as I unload the camera. I never in my life thought that I would buy a huge bag of dried chilies, but lo and behold, I did over the weekend.

  • I saw Sweeney Todd at the Music Hall yesterday afternoon. It was one of the best musical productions I've ever seen. The set was utilitarian and tight, with everything serving a purpose. All of the actors, save Sweeney, played instruments and were the orchestra. This was technically impressive to watch... it's hard enough to play an instrument or act a part, but to see them do both at the same time was just spectacular. I'm sorry that yesterday was the final performance and I can't see it again tonight. The only downside to the experience was that the Music Hall was freezing-ass cold.

  • Dexter is coming to CBS on February 14th. This is exciting because I've loved this show from day one and it's the only reason I keep Showtime at all. I'm nervous about it, though... each episode will have to be heavily edited, both for language (Dexter's sister swears like a sailor) and for length (an average episode on Showtime runs about 55 minutes, while network shows are about 44 minutes), so I'll be interested how it turns out. At any rate, please give it a watch - it's so good.

  • Today is the first day of Spring semester, which means we'll be insanely busy for about a week or so. Note to self: buy more Guinness on the way home from work.


  1. I love Dexter! It's cool to see Michael C. Hall go from one tv show about dead people, Six Feet Under, to... well, another show about dead people.

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