Monday, December 24, 2007


I'm currently in the midst of a nice, long vacation, but thought I'd better blog sumthin' before I forget what I did over the course of this nice, long vacation...

Saw Sweeney Todd and loved it. You know how 20-somthing guys get when they see Transformers for the first time? That's me with Tim Burton/Johnny Depp movies. This one didn't disappoint.

Saw Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story and loved it. It was much funnier than I expected, and if that's John C. Reilly singing, he's terrific. I was having so much fun playing "spot the cameo" I think I missed some of the film.

Went sliding around in the snow in the Jeep. Snow+Jeep=Awesome.

Spent Friday night with a friend who's back in town for a few days and a whole bunch of other great people at Sharp's in Brookside. I had a FABULOUS time.

Christmas Eve was (is? since I'm writing this on Christmas Eve...) terrific. Everyone had a wonderful time. Every year it surprises me how much more I enjoy giving gifts than receiving them. That doesn't mean I don't like presents, so don't go getting any ideas...

Merry Christmas to you and your friends and families. Make sure to take a moment to look around while you're tearing through those packages to soak in the moment and seal it in your mind so you can bring it back up sometime in August when you think you'll die if it doesn't cool off and Christmas break doesn't get here soon.

More to come at some point in the future...

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