Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Barely four days left until the start of a 16-day break from work, and I have a cold. My nose is simultaneously stuffy and runny (how is that even possible?), my throat is a bit sore from all the drainage, and I feel like I really need a nap.

I'm trying to ignore the symptoms and not wallow in self-pity as so often happens when I get the sniffles, but the harder I try to ignore them, the more I notice that I don't feel 100%.  There's that tingle in my nose that feels like a tiny creature is tap-dancing on my nasal passages. There's the faint but noticeable ringing in my ears. There's the heaviness behind my eyes that makes me want to curl up in bed after swigging NyQuil.

And I still have to get my niece a birthday present before Thursday.

And my cat is almost out of insulin.

And I have to blow my nose on off-brand office tissues that are about the equivalence in softness to tree bark. They're "Surpass Facial Tissues" from Kimberly Clark. Surpass what? These don't surpass anything except the second roughest tissue in the world.

Is it Friday yet?

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