Tuesday, November 13, 2007


We take a lot of pictures. Always have. We started in 1995 when we got our first digital camera, and have been going strong ever since. In 1999 we had what I refer to as The Great Hard Drive Disaster, wherein thanks to a hard drive failure and lack of experience regarding the necessity of back-ups, we lost all of the photos we had taken up until that point. Our two trips to Minnesota were gone, and that was sad. Now there's no proof that I danced with Snoopy on New Year's Eve.

Since then, we've been diligent about backing up our photo library. But keeping tabs on an ever-growing number photos is not easy. Therefore, over the last two weeks, I've been gradually uploading my entire photo collection to Flickr. I've created sets and collections and tags and titles and descriptions and privacy settings on nearly two thousand photos, and I am thrilled to say that I am finished at last.

Going through all of my photos was a walk down memory lane and a reminder that we need to take more pictures. I discovered many forgotten gems in the mix, and will be posting some of them on occasion.

For example, in 2002 I found out that a high school friend was expecting a baby in a couple of months. This friend was one with whom Heather and I used to spend a great deal of time, but she had drifted out of our lives. Anyway, I knew Heather would be surprised by the pregnancy news, so I made sure I had my camera ready when I told her that Kandi was seven months pregnant:

Ah, the power of digital media. Gotta love it.

So with all the Flickring, I've been a bit lazy with the blogging. C'est la vie. The most exciting thing I've done in the last couple of weeks was seeing Avenue Q at the Music Hall on Sunday afternoon. I've been looking forward to seeing that show since I got the cast recording in 2004, and this production didn't disappoint in the least. I loved every subversive second.

While we were waiting out in front of the Music Hall for my parents (who bought the tickets - thanks Mom and Steve!), it was fun to play "Avenue Q or Ararat Shrine Circus" with the passing crowd (the circus was next door in Memorial Auditorium). Suffice it to say, it was fairly easy to distinguish between the two groups, not entirely because, while Avenue Q is based loosely on Sesame Street, it is NOT a show for kids. So anyone toting a parade of rugrats was automatically heading for the circus. Also, most (but not all) persons who looked like they should be in the circus, were heading for the circus.

Of course, I didn't get pictures of any of this. My bad. Maybe next time.

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