Monday, October 1, 2007

Travelougue, part two.

Thursday night my travel companions and I went to a Columbia sushi joint for some spectacularly awful sushi. It was so awful, in fact, that I ate one piece of the roll I ordered and called it quits. We went to Panera afterwards to get some treats to cleanse our palates. Later, we played UNO (which I swept), following which I retired for the evening for some reading and Grey's Anatomy. I enjoyed the reading more.

On Friday, I got to see how a campus with money runs their IT facilities. This was one of those occasions where I was both elated and totally pissed off at once. On the one hand, the possibilities in my industry are seemingly endless. On the other, I and a handful of others here are the only ones who see any value in any of it. I sometimes feel like I am at the bottom of a very deep hole, shouting the benefits of throwing money down the well. No one can see me, they can barely hear me, and they don't think there is any tangible return on their investment. If they only knew that if they threw me some coinage, we could give so much more back.

Friday night, after a long but talkative ride home, I bid adieu to my companions and went for some real sushi at Sakura. Okay, so one of my companions went along, too, but this time we were with our significant others and not so much out together. I have to pause here to say just how much fun I had with the two people who traveled with me. We were perfectly suited to each other and had terrific conversation.  We've got to remember to go out more often.

Saturday was football day, with the 5th - 6th grade Chargers losing to the Jets. The game was at the Jets home field, which is just awful for visitors. There are two sets of bleachers on the home side, and none on the visitor's side, so we were stuck bringing lawn chairs. I think we need to block off our visitor bleachers when they come to play at our field. Let them feel that pain. Saturday night, I was all set to watch The Office on the DVR, but Time Warner decided to fuck us by cutting off the recording halfway through. I think I know what happens - the DVR gets filled up,  and shows need to be deleted. But - the software isn't smart enough to figure this out ahead of time, so it gets halfway through recording a show, sees that there is no space left, and freaks out by stopping all recording and deleting what it needs to delete. This pisses me off to no end, especially since we never had this problem with TiVo.

Sunday was pretty much a day of rest, although I'm still tired today. Today I'm back at work, trying to make sense of all the information I gathered. My trip gave me many ideas, some of which I can work on, some of which are pipe-dreams. I can't tell what is what at this point. I do know that I have two better friends than I had before. I know that if I want to hear a poem recited, one of them has a bank of them memorized and can rattle them off for my listening pleasure. I also know that if I need to know where local Lakota shamans hold their drum circles, I have a contact who can give me that information. It's good to be connected.

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