Friday, October 26, 2007

Spooky crafts.

When I was a kid, my great-aunt Betty taught me how to make potpourri sachets using small sewing hoops, lace, potpourri and a glue gun. One summer I made dozens and dozens of these, decorating each one with ribbon and little silk flowers. I sold several of them at the Albany, Missouri Frontier Days craft fair, and felt quite pleased with myself. My stint as a crafter didn't last long, however. I became bored with it, and didn't really find anything else along those lines that sparked my interest.

That doesn't mean that I still don't get the crafty bug every now and again. Today, I made paper craft Halloween decorations for my office.

I made a skull:

This was assembled using only ancient (i.e. clumsy and dull) office scissors and the least-sticky tape in the world. I tried to glue the skull with super-glue, and while that seemed to work, I still have dried glue on my fingers, hence, the switch to not-really-sticky tape. I think these would have been much easier to assemble if I had a decent pair of smaller scissors and some Elmer's glue or a glue stick.

Yamaha (the same company that makes the motorcycles) has an amazing collection of free paper craft patterns free for download. Some of these are really incredible - it's hard to imagine that they are made with just folded paper. I think this panda is especially cool.

They also have patterns for motorcycles, other animals, and seasons. I may give the pumpkins a try before too long, although I must admit that they may be way out of my league.

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