Thursday, October 18, 2007

Lunch 'n' Learn.

Elam [3:10 PM]:

I left my sandwich on the windowsill in the conference room. Could you please stick it in the fridge?

Mr. Awesome [3:10 PM]:

is it a flavor i'd be interested in?

Elam [3:11 PM]:

It's a subway club. If you want it, it's yours.

Mr. Awesome [3:11 PM]:

I'll just pick the meat off, but I'll save the rest for you. 

Elam [3:11 PM]:

If you eat any of it, you can just throw the rest away.

Mr. Awesome [3:12 PM]:

whatever dude.

Mr. Awesome[3:12 PM]:

i'll stick it in the fridge.

Elam [3:12 PM]:


Elam [3:12 PM]:


Mr. Awesome [3:15 PM]:

I put a sign on it - "This is Elam's sandwich don't F@$K with it"

Elam [3:15 PM]:


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