Friday, October 5, 2007

Love affair - tv, noodles and camera accessory edition.

Things I love right now (besides the obvious):

  • The new show Pushing Daisies (ABC, Wednesdays at 7pm Central). The writing and casting are brilliant, and it's visually gorgeous. Think Big Fish meets Amélie, with some zombie action thrown in, and you'll see why I am loving this show. The bad news is that, like all other quirky shows I loved (Andy Richter Controls the Universe, Wonderfalls) this one is too good to last. As this is a post dedicated to things I love right now, I'll refrain from cursing about the fools who won't "get" this show and will condemn the rest of us to more garbage like "Everybody Loves Raymond." I hate that show so much, I won't even assign it a link. Okay, enough hate. Back to the love.

  • Noodle Shop - This lovely little place on 59th Street and Holmes in the Morningside Place shops has won me over this week with its scrumptious and simple noodle bowls.

    The menus are place mats on which you mark what you want in your bowl with crayons. I've not strayed from the #1 - Udon (like thick spaghetti) in a broth with veggies, chicken, pork and something called a fish cake, which I describe as one of those gummi fruit slices, only instead of orange or cherry flavor, you get fish flavor, and my friend Mary says is more like fish salami. I've also tried the pickle plate, and determined that I like the carrot and raisin, and the egglplant, but I am not a kim chee fan at all.

    The noodle bowls are filling and comforting and utterly delightful, the decor is simple, but comfortable and inviting, and the service is friendly and helpful if you're not sure what to do with the bowl of stuff placed in front of you. You may be interested to know that it is perfectly alright - nay, encouraged - for you to tip up and drink from your bowl as you desire. Also, it's an exercise in patience (and fun) to eat your noodle bowl with chopsticks.

    Mary drew this doodle while we were waiting for our meal. She said the child on the left is a little vampire, but I said it's The Little Prince and his sheep. So she added a rose. The image on the right is her personal reminder to check out the Blue Bunny frozen yogurt I recommended to her (it's delicious for fat-free).

  • Our new Manfrotto monopod, which makes taking photos at Nate's games so much easier.