Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Travelouge, part one.

I'm in Columbia, Missouri tonight and for the next two days for work-related traning. I'm traveling on the work dime, with two female collegues who are truly making this trip more fun than I expected. They are good conversationalists and adventuresome eaters. Lunch today was Indian, while dinner was at a contemporary American restaurant. Conversation moved between work topics, to our individual creative endeavours, to who has memorized what piece of poetry. And it's only day one.

I miss my husband something fierce. I've traveled for work three times in the last year, and while I enjoy the opportunity to visit someplace new and learn new things, a big part of my enjoyment of life involves sharing my experiences with him.

I really like Columbia. The university is absolutely incredible - it's so so so much bigger than UMKC, with more students, buildings and more importantly, money. We drove by the sports complex on the way to our hotel and my oh my, what a sight. I can only imagine what games in that stadium must be like. Our nephew's little league football games are fun, but that staduim, at least from the outside, was something else. I can imagine the games as all-out battle, the modern-day gladiators in black and gold taking on whatever rival dares to tread on their turf, the citizenry worked up into a frenzy, cheering on their heroes to victory.

As I type this, I'm in this enormous king size bed with too many too puffy pilows in a room that's a tad too cold. The blankets are helping, and I could get up and turn the air up, but that would involve actually getting up and that's something I'm not sure I want to do right now. As a total non-sequitor, why is Dane Cook in films? I just saw a commercial for a new movie with Steve Carrell (yay), Juliet Binoche (yay) and Dane Cook (huh?). I don't get it. I saw his stand-up special on HBO and I will admit that I laughed - not at his jokes, but I did like his delivery - it reminded me of a humorous interpretation performance from forensics in high school. But that delivery doesn't hold up well and gets old fast. Someone must like it, though, because he keeps getting cast in films.

I just turned up the air. My toes were turning into popcicles. I think I'll stop typing now and read - tonight's selection is Love by Toni Morrison. So far, so good.

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