Monday, July 16, 2007

Vacation - all I ever wanted.

I was off work last week, during a vacation which consisted of a whole lot of baseball, Warcraft, sushi, movies, TV and sleep. It was fantastic.

  • Our nephew, Nate, played in the 2007 11 and under AAA World Series. His team, the Remax Rebels, placed second out of 72 teams. Nate, being the consummate catcher that he is, caught for all thirteen games during the 7-day series. While the Rebels lost in the championship game to the Kansas Coyotes (a ringer team made up of the best players from several Kansas teams), they played their hearts out, which made for some pretty intense baseball. I don't even like baseball, but I'm starting to come around. Here are a few shots from some of their games:

    While we've gone to many of his games over the years, we weren't what you would call regulars until this season. In fact, we were out at the World Series tournament for four out of the seven days, seeing a total of eight games. Couple that with the sun and heat, and we are practically saints.

  • We went and saw two movies last week. The first, Ratatouille, was absolutely fantastic. I loved every second of it. Not only is it a remarkable animated film, it's a remarkable film, period. The story and characters are every bit as real as "traditonal" film. I look forward to catching this one when it hits high def.The second film we saw was the John Cusack/Stephen King flick, 1408. It was okay, but not very memorable. It was pretty creepy, and was sufficiently scary without being over-the-top gross or disturbing. What I'm saying is, 1408 doesn't turn into a Nine Inch Nails video, like so many horror flicks do anymore. What happened to good ol' fashioned suspense? Most filmmakers seem to think you have to have pig heads in jars and severed appendages to be creepy. No thanks.

  • As it's summer, I'm of course getting sucked into the black abyss that is Big Brother 8. It happens every year, so don't act surprised. While I didn't want to like Evil Dick, I think he's currently my favorite hamster. I also like the whole America's Player thing - the fact that Eric was surprised that America wants Jessica out of the house is proof that we know better than the hamsters can ever know.

  • Rags seems to be doing really well on his insulin. He's also getting a little too used to the soft food, demanding it every time we step foot in the kitchen. I may be reaching here, but I actually think his fur is looking better, too - not as dry and dull.

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