Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I think I've found the perfect birthday present for me:

No, not a disembodied hand. I'm talking about the thing the hand is holding - the Sony Reader for ebooks.

I love reading, and I like having a book with me, but that means carrying it in my purse, which can get heavy. It also means I have to commit to one book, which is sometimes difficult for me. A couple of years ago, I went through a spell of reading on my Pocket PC. I read three Jane Austen novels and Vanity Fair on a tiny screen, but at least I had a portable library. Eventually, I grew bored of squinting, so I abandoned reading books on my phone and opted instead for weekend trips to the bookstore, where I've since read three or four more books, compliments of Borders.

Now, though, I have the urge again to take my reading with me. It helps that I started a great book over the weekend that I can't wait to read more of (Ian McEwan's Saturday). It also helps that most of McEwan's books are available on Sony's ebook site, Connect, for purchase and download.

So... this device is a perfect pairing of my love of gadgets and reading. I've been researching it all weekend, and am going to go see one in person at the Sony store over lunch. Maybe my birthday will come early this year.


  1. Ah, the Sony reader . . . now I think that's a gift that puts the IPOD to shame!!! Awesome post by the way, you've inspired me to do some more research on the item.

  2. I went to the Sony Store today over lunch (yesterday, I craved spring rolls from Vietnam Cafe, so I didn't have time to make the Sony stop) and I am more impressed with the device in person. It's thinner than I imagined, and lighter. I think I'll get one after the first of the month.

  3. Oh my goodness - I had totally forgot about the Newton! It looks to be roughly the same size...

    I'd be all over an Apple-produced ebook reader, btw. Apple really does design right, and while I appreciate that the Sony Reader is not cluttered with useless "features," and is therefore exactly what it should be - simple - it could use some sleeking up, Apple-style.

    Knowing Apple, they will release their ebook reader exactly 30 seconds after I purchase the Sony.

  4. So, did you take the plunge?

  5. I did indeed. I was going to wait until next month, but the promotion for $150 in books expired at the end of July.

    So far, I absolutely love it.