Friday, July 6, 2007

Friday Throwdown

I've been lazy with the blog lately. Get over it.

  • Remember Rags? Don't worry - he's not dead. He's just recently been diagnosed with diabetes. The good news is that it's totally treatable, so he should be okay. The bummer is that now we have to give him insulin shots twice a day. Rags sees this as a positive, since we give him some canned tuna right before he gets the shot. Here's another picture of him in all his Ragamuffin glory:

  • Last week I was in St. Louis for a class. I got to see Adam and Rob, which was excellent (thanks for being my tour guide and for buying me dinner!), but I developed a really awful sore throat the last day I was there, which wasn't so excellent. It's better now, but I still sound a bit froggy.

  • Yesterday, I read The Last Question by Issac Asimov. I enjoyed it. That's all I'll say about it, other than you should read it, too.

  • I am loving the new HBO series, Flight of the Conchords. Also, I think the character of Mel must be partially based on the woman who runs this site.

  • I really, really hate fireworks. Not the big display kind - those are beautiful to watch. I'm talking about the fireworks that the dirtbags in my neighborhood shoot off. Why do some people take such pleasure is blowing stuff up? It's loud and dangerous. It scares the hell out of my dog and keeps me awake until after midnight. Go out to the fucking country if you want to shoot off fireworks, assholes.

  • Apparently, zombies like brains and turtles. Go figure.


  1. Hey Lynn, It was great spending time with you as well. It was my pleasure to show you around the city.

    Sorry about the sore throat, not sure if that was from us or just STL. I hope your trip home was good.

    BTW, were you not on me to update my blog? LOL!

    Love you and F Much! Hope Rags is doing better.


  2. I agree that Flight of the Conchords is great ... the first episode had me worried, but it has been wonderful since then.