Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Where have all the roaches gone?

The Pitch has a nice little article about the Twin Oaks that once was. Now that the whole thing is gone and work has begun to level out the foundation for a new UMKC residence hall, it's strange to look across Oak Street and see more than red brick.

I probably stepped foot in the buildings four or five times, all to work on the computers at the rental office. This was before the place was sort-of renovated, but after it was acquired by UMKC. I remember being reminded of the hotel in The Shining, and thinking that I really didn't ever want to walk down a hallway in that place alone. I drove through the underground garage once, and was creeped out by what was apparently once a gas station, and lots of eerie dark doorways that led to who knows where. But despite feeling spooked by what Twin Oaks had become, it was definitely hard not to imagine what it was in its heyday.

My husband got to tour some of the upper floors when the "renovation" was underway, and was impressed at the size of some of the units. Some apartments took up entire sides of a building, with butlers' quarters and grand entryways. These were, of course, not all that grand anymore, but again, the shadow of what they were was still there.

By Fall of next year, the property will be called Oak Street West, and will house 514 students and 5,000 square feet of retail space. While I'm sure it will be a lovely place to live, it's quite far from the university dining facilities (like the other dorms are), and, unlike Northwest Missouri State, does not have on-campus food vendors who deliver to dorm rooms. Not that this matters much to me, but I'm sure it would affect some who might otherwise choose to live on campus.

The real winner in all of this is the Kin Lin Chinese restaurant. The roaches from what was Twin Oaks have, I'm sure, migrated over that way and have probably taken the place of chicken and pork in most dishes. I can make comments about Kin Lin because I've had a couple "unfortunate incidents" involving the place:
  1. On a visit about a year ago, noticed there was a huge cockroach in my Chicken and Vegetables. Not a regular run-of-the-mill cockroach. Noooooooo. This was a freak of nature mutant cockroach. When I told the woman at the counter, she acted like this was not really a big deal, and offered to replace my meal. I had no intention of eating it, but I took it anyway, and gave it to a guy at work (without mention of the cockroach - I told him we brought him back extras). Guess what? There was a pretty large unidentifiable bug in that, too. Blech.

  2. There's an alley behind the building where I've witnessed two appalling things:

    1. A 5-gallon bucked of raw chicken left to thaw, uncovered, in the July sun, and

    2. A car and two cutting boards being used as a cabbage press.
These reasons alone are sufficient enough for me to give Kin Lin more than a little grief, but it's the fact that they use Ore-Ida crinkle fries as the primary vegetable in their Curry Chicken that really seals their fate. A few crinkle fries is okay, but 90% crinkle fries is an atrocity.


  1. mm..crinklecurry.
    i've never tasted such genius.

  2. If by "genius" you mean "overly-potatoed sadness" then I absolutely agree with you :)

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