Thursday, April 19, 2007

Random thoughts.

Random thought #1: I have read at least three books at the bookstore. I feel somewhat guilty about this, because really, what's the difference between me reading a book at the bookstore and pirating music or software or movies? All are creative endeavors that took the time and energy of someone who expects just compensation for their work. Since I read the book at the store instead of purchasing it for later consumption, aren't I stealing the contents? It's not like I never buy books. I buy a great many books. It's just that I didn't buy the last two books I read. In my defense, they really should make bookstores less comfortable.

Random thought #2: 30 Rock is the best comedy on television right now. Here's a reason why.

Random thought #3: I almost know all of the words to the Ben Folds cover of Bitches Ain't Shit.

Random thought #4: I recently discovered that if I add whipped cream to my Starbucks latte, I also add at least 5 grams of fat. Therefore, no whipped cream = diet drink.

Random thought #5: Let's just say that when you have a cat who weighs 25 pounds, the whole "two trash bags a week limit" makes litter management more difficult than it should be.

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