Wednesday, March 21, 2007

King of the road.

"Temptation of St. Anthony" by Hieronymous Bosch

I am a tramp by the long trail's border,
Given to squalor, rags and disorder.
I nap and amble and yawn and look,
Write fool-thoughts in my grubby book,
Recite to the children, explore at my ease,
Work when I work, beg when I please,
Give crank-drawings, that make folks stare
To the half-grown boys in the sunset glare,
And get me a place to sleep in the hay
At the end of a live-and-let-live day.

- From "The Santa Fe Trail: A Humoresque" by Vachel Lindsay

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  1. Thank you for the poetry. It is always a joy to read.