Wednesday, February 28, 2007

People who don’t like cats haven’t met the right one yet.

This is Rags.

When I got my first apartment, I wanted to get a cat, so I adopted Rags from Wayside Waifs. At the time, he was 9lbs, had short hair, and a nasty upper respiratory infection that nearly killed him. In fact, the week after I picked up from the shelter, I had to take him to a vet because the URI was so bad. This vet, who I won't name because he's a jackass, told me the best thing I could do for Rags was "take him back to where I got him and get another cat." Heartbroken and deeply concerned for the fate of my poor, sick kitty, I did call Wayside Waifs, who graciously allowed me to bring Rags back to them for free treatment of his URI.

Nine years and 15lbs later (I weighed him the other day and he comes in at a healthy 25lbs), Rags is the most wonderful cat I've ever had the pleasure of being around. He's incredibly trusting of anyone, and craves human contact like food or water. He's multitalented, in that he will come when called, he'll fetch, and he will meow when commanded to do so. Yep - he speaks on cue.

Also, Rags loves you. He doesn't care if you are "cat person" or not - he wants to lay against you, he demands you pay him attention, and given his size, you don't have much choice but to comply with his demands. You see, Rags is the living embodiment of the phrase, "I'm not fat, I'm big-boned."

Rags snores, he meows just to hear himself talk, he loves nothing more than to be held for hours at a time, he carries around a little stuffed toy like a security blanket, and I thank the universe every day for letting me be the one who gets to spend time with Rags. Given that he's at least 10 years old, I'm becoming more cognizant of the fact that he won't be around forever. In the mean time, I take as many pictures of him as I can and I try not to complain when he meows too much. One day I'll really miss it.

Aww... now I can't wait to get home and scratch him on the chin.


  1. Rags has really long whiskers!

  2. Rags is adorable, and it makes me smile to see another person with a cat story like mine. Though my title would be "Cats who don't like people haven't met the right one yet." My Max had been with at least two other owners who couldn't deal with his "attitude and behavioral problems." I heard stories about hissing, fighting, and not using the litter box. But when I met him, he started purring when I scratched under his chin, and I was sold. After adjusting to being in yet another new apartment (he spent a day hiding in my closet), I found him to be the most affectionate cat I've ever met.
    He greets me at the door when I come home, sleeps at my feet, and enjoys to be held and brushed. He's a big cat at 17 pounds and has a long thick coat, so he's earned the full name Maximus Furus. He has some tricks of his own, too. He opens doors and cupboards, and he'll sit and stand up on his hind legs for a treat. He's an incredible cat, and I'm so lucky to be his right person.