Friday, January 5, 2007


Sticking to a relatively sane diet since the new year has been easier than I thought. I've eaten a lot of sushi, and salad, and as long as I don't look at this a "diet" so much as a "life change," I'm okay. The word - diet - is so restrictive, so cringe-worthy. So I'm not "dieting" so much as cautiously considering what I choose to eat. So far, so good.

But - this morning has been difficult. Every Friday, my boss brings in bagels from Panera. I get so bored with bagels that I don't normally touch them. This morning though, I was actually looking forward to a wheat bagel. But instead of bagels, she brought in a danish ring and brownies. Last year, I would have been thrilled - elated - that there were chocolaty goodies to be had on a Friday morning. But today, now that I am "cautiously considering," it's taking a great deal of willpower to ignore those caramel pecan delights sitting not 50 feat from me.

This is a test, and so far, I am passing. I have to be strong this morning because I am going out for lunch and will probably end up at Chubby's (cheap breakfast food=happy Friday).

Update: We ended up at The Cheesecake Factory. I had a lunch pasta dish with bowtie pasta, chicken, tomatoes, mushrooms and garlic. I also had a couple of small pieces of bread and an iced tea. I think I did pretty good - no cheesecake, so that's not too bad. :) Also, I have resisted the call of the chocolate brownies all day and am living to tell about it. This is progress, people.

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