Wednesday, January 17, 2007


We ate at Room 39 for lunch today. I could eat there for every meal. In fact, if I won the lottery or some huge lawsuit, I would eat there for every meal. Anyway, here's what we had today:

I had prosciutto wrapped quail with pancetta white beans and wilted arugula and a side of their incredibly amazing Brussels sprouts with bacon. When I was a girl, my grandma would make ham and beans, and people would rave about them. I, being young, finicky, and stupid thought ham and beans were "gross." This dish reminded me of her ham and beans, and also of my youthful ignorance. Also, I don't think I have ever had quail before, so this was adventure eating. It tasted like dark meat chicken or duck, only a bit firmer.

Mr. Awesome had pan-seared Campo Lindo chicken breast with gingered jasmine rice, chicken & shrimp firecracker and a sesame Asian salad. He gave me a bite of the chicken, and it was the best tasting chicken since the now-defunct Paradise Grill's infamous (to us) Chicky-Chicky. A helpful server informed us that Campo Lindo Farms, a local, family-run farm in Lathrop, MO, provided the chicken and also sells eggs at some local supermarkets. The chickens are free-range, meaning they have the freedom to roam about the farm, enjoying their little chicken lives, and eventually providing us with exceptionally delicious chicken meat and eggs.

Both dishes were delicious and perfect, as usual.

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