Friday, January 5, 2007

Link Rodeo.

A Ninja Pays Half My Rent - "He's the perfect roommate - he's neat, he's quiet, he can kill somebody with his bare hands."

Wesley Autrey: Real-life hero. I'm pretty sure that as much as I would like to think I would do the same thing, I don't think I could.

How to talk to a real person for hundreds of customer service hotlines. Probably one of the most useful things to ever be published on the 'net.

Michael Wolf's 100x100. One hundred photos of Hong Kong apartments, each only 100 square feet.

Recap of the Heroes graphic novels. For those of you who watch Heroes, these recaps are a must read, as they reveal much about the series that hasn't been mentioned on the show.

Prosper. Bringing the loan business back to the people. Great concept that I am thinking of trying one day.

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