Monday, January 29, 2007

Link ‘Em Up

MaryAnne aka Ysabella Brave - She sings, she swings, she's adorable, and she's incredibly talented. I really like her voice and style, and hope she becomes wildly successful someday.

Smart or Stoopid - A quick intelligence test to see how you stack up. My score confirmed that I am a smarty-pants.

Stuff + Cats = Awesome - We put stuff on Rags all the time, so maybe I should submit a picture?

The Joy of Tech - Great comic along the lines of Red Meat, only with more technology and less Milkman Dan.

b3ta Phallic Logo Awards - "The game designers across the nation are playing is, can they design a logo and get it approved without the client realizing it's a big, spurting penis?"

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