Friday, January 12, 2007

High Flying, Adored.

I left work yesterday around 4pm and was driving north along I35. Just as I was about to cross the Paseo bridge, I look off Isle of Capri way and a huge bird catches my eye. At first I thought it was a vulture (yes, there are vultures in this part of the country), but as the bird got closer to us and I could get a better look, I see this huge brow body and... a white tail? Yes, the tail was white, so I looked closer and not only was the tail white, but so was the head! Just to seal the deal, I caught a glimpse of a bright yellow beak just as the enormous creature sailed past my car, over the Isle of Capri, and headed for the treelined bluff just south of the bridge. Mr. Awesome was driving at the time, but he saw it, too, so I'm not seeing things.
I shit you not - I saw a bald eagle by the Paseo bridge yesterday.

I know that they are not unheard of to the north, and lots of people head to Mound City every year to see if they can spot them. But the only time I had ever seen a bald eagle in person was in the 6th grade, when some conservation group brought one to a school assembly.

Maybe I am a little too excited about this, but I think this is pretty damn cool.

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