Thursday, December 21, 2006

Brighton Blues

In late summer of 2005, some friends bought a house right up the road from us. Driving straight north on Brighton, we can get to their house in 3 minutes. Then, about a week before they moved in, construction began on Brighton closing the road from 72nd street northward to highway 152. Now, instead of a 3 minute trip, it's a 8 minute trip, thanks to detours. No big deal, except that the road has been closed for over a year, and has been essentially finished for about two months. There are still barricades preventing its use, but we've taken the road a couple of times, in both our car and our Jeep.

Here's where I get pissed: Since the road is done, except for the removal of barricades, I see more and more cars travel the closed route every day. Apparently a bored cop looking to spread some Christmas cheer noticed too, because the rumor is that an officer was parked on the closed road last week dishing out tickets to motorists wishing to save time by driving down a finished Brighton.

This Brighton project has gone on long enough. The road is finished (for now) - let us use it. To the asshole cop who thought he was so clever staking out a closed road, merry Christmas, and i hope a lump of coal hits you on the head.

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